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Selasa, 28 Juni 2011

Luna Maya Pic From Detik Hot

Sexy Beauty Luna Maya From Detik Foto

Kamis, 23 Juni 2011

Selasa, 21 Juni 2011

Luna Maya Return Prepare Single Duet

Success with his first duet with the band through the song Killing Me Inside Let make Luna Maya and the label to make a duet again soon. This plan is not free from the presence of Ariel's boyfriend, who is now acceptable in society after tripping porn video case.

"Several months ago we could not promo. We keep everything, and the first single came out, the response was good. He has started and the full schedule manggungnya. Finally it two weeks ago to Medan as Killing Me Inside," said Isra Ruddin as Vice President of Commerce label RPM when met at his office, Menteng, Central Jakarta some time ago.

Preparations for the second single Luna Maya and Killing Me Inside was underway. Here, the singer's voice recycle song Green is indeed already under contract more than one album.

"We are again preparing for their second single Luna and Killing Me Inside," he continued.

Added by Isra, the selection of Luna is indeed refers to the quality and professionalism possessed by it. Evident from some of the promo, the enthusiasm of people was very good music lovers.

"Even in cities like Bandung, the song was able to occupy a chart mainstay song. For sure we want something fresh nyari course, an unexpected collaboration of people. We are optimistic that Luna could," said Isra Ruddin.